Important Notice: Please read carefully these rules, especially terms and disclaimers which may impact the scope of commercial insurance services offered, including - but not limited to-, those mentioned in Rule 11 of this Regulation.

You should analyse and understand them before contracting with boomingafrik TRADE ASSURANCE service. All TRADE ASSURANCE terms are governed by the regulatory system in force in Ivory Coast relating to commerce, e-commerce; Law n° 2013-546 OF 07/30/2013 relating to e-transactions, OHADA Uniform Act.

Rules about Trade Insurance Services (the "Rules" "TRADE ASSURANCE")

These rules apply:

To buyers around the world who contract the TRADE ASSURANCE with "sellers registered or residing in the Ivory Coast" jointly or not;

Buyers around the world who contract TRADE ASSURANCE with "sellers registered or residing on the African continent" jointly or not;

Buyers around the world who contract TRADE ASSURANCE with "sellers registered or residing anywhere in the world" jointly or not.

Articles 8 and 9 of the 2013 law relating to online transactions in force in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire: “Activities concerning e-commerce are submitted to Ivorian laws, when one of the parties is established or has a residence in Côte d'Ivoire, or is Ivorian ...”

TRADE ASSURANCE services are provided only to registered and eligible users who have accepted "all of the terms of the subscription Agreement" of;

The use of "TRADE ASSURANCE" services means that this user accepted the relevant agreements of the service and all other relevant rules on the online e-commerce platform


1. Article 1: Objectives

These rules aim at protecting the legitimate interests of users of the site (URL:; This policy is a precise regulatory framework aiming at preventing disputes, providing clarification of rights and promoting the online African market covered by a preventive practice of reliable trade insurance. is an e-commerce site, e-market of the company “DIGIAFRIK GROUP located in ABIDJAN” named “boomingafrik”, a seller subscription site, free access to buyers on a networking market, free trade between users; allows products promotion mainly of African companies. The exchanges from boomingafrik market are guaranteed by a Trade insurance, “TRADE ASSURANCE". Its competence is based on the efficiency of its affiliates all over the world. However the service is not provided when a force majeure occurred, in states mentioned on the site or in some occurrence left at the sole discretion of DIGIAFRIK GROUP.

These rules are provided for the safety of boomingafrik ’seller or beneficiaries of boomingafrik "TRADE ASSURANCE" services (jointly the buyers and "user" sellers). TRADE ASSURANCE service is implemented within the purchase/sale contract timeframe agreed by the buyer and the seller on the site and it terminates with the end of shipment of the product to the port of departure or stuffing at the departure dock of the products. It is intended to prevent that;

    - the quality of the order does not correspond to what was agreed in the purchase / sale contract (colours, material)

    - the inspection of your products fails and the AQL (acceptable limit quality) exceeds

    - the supplier has late deliveries

    - the supplier distrusts the effectiveness of the payment

Trade assurance is a service for preventing some risks associated with e-commerce.

Trade assurance supports your business by limiting the risk of scam or and risks relating to payment.

This is one of the means of ensuring reliable payment and the factual quality of products recommended by boomingafrik to avoid trap;

Being supplier or buyer you create an account with the online service of TRADE ASSSURANCE by filling out the online form Follow the process of the contract subscription to the service and according to your needs, be sure of the reliability of your contract (purchase/ sale); develop trustful relation with your new supplier/buyer by choosing to transfer funds intended for the product purchase on an escrow account (provided by "boomingafrik" service of "DIGIAFRIK GROUP" and its partners) before the contract performance; you thus limit the problems of fund recovery /scam intended to fund your sales / purchase. However, the maintenance, management and additional fees linked to the use of the escrow account are with your loads.

Buyers, you can prevent some risks relating to your online purchases by benefiting preventively (the insurance service end with the shipment of the product to the port of departure) of an inspection of the supplier products that interest you and product safety by providing an impartial team of “boomingafrik” based on the terms of your “TRADE ASSURANCE” contract. The team expert globally reputed will check the quality, the AQL and will issue a report and a certificate in order to strengthen confidence in exchanges.

If you (TRADE ASSURANCE’s client, being buyer or provider) have any complaints, (complaints deemed true), you might be reimburse the frozen funds issued on escrow account relating to the contract, but the maintenance, management and additional fees linked to the use of the escrow account are with your loads. It takes into account the convenience mentioned in the trade assurance contract relating to the escrow account transactions. In addition, the charges related to “TRADE ASSURANCE” service (charges of TRADE ASSURANCE contract) paid by the client for the service remain linked the service subscribed; the charges of TRADE ASSURANCE are basically not refundable; except in the event of breach of TRADE ASSURANCE contract by the client before any mobilization of our fieldworkers on the physical site or any other logistics mobilizations relating to the provision of the service. Otherwise you will be charged for every service partially provided by Boomingafrik and the client agrees to compensate DIGIAFRIOK GROUP and its affiliates.

    2. Article 2 Definition

  • 2.1 "Buyer" means any user of site who purchases products from the seller registered on the site and subscribes to trade insurance service called "TRADE ASSURANCE" (paid service) or / and asks the seller to provide TRADE ASSURANCE services for its benefit.
  • 2.2 To avoid confusion "Seller”, (taking into account this part mentioned above) is a user registered , having a seller account, resident or registered in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa or elsewhere around the world who sells products on and agrees to provide TRADE ASSURANCE services to the buyer, jointly or not.
  • 2.3 " Trade insurance contract" means the agreement (legally constituted) of the user (seller / buyer) who sells or purchases online according the policy of use of boomingafrik) that allows Boomingafrik to provide a coverage insurance service (TRADE ASSURANCE) for risks relating to e-commerce This trade insurance contract requires a real purchase/ sale contract and additional information for providing the service subscribed.
  • 2.4 "Trade insurance services" or "Insurance services" by "TRADE ASSURANCE" means "TRADE ASSURANCE" service that the seller, supplier / buyer (collectively or individually designated as the customer) agrees to provide for the execution of an online sales / purchase contract which covers e-commerce risks before the shipment of the object of the contract;
  • 2.5 "Frozen Fund" means the payment issued by the buyer (that subscribed the purchase/sale contract) on the "escrow account" intended for the purchase of the supplier's products which is different from the trade insurance charges " TRADE ASSURANCE charges”;
    • - The frozen funds will be transferred to the seller / supplier after the product shipment to "the buyer" (departure at the port stuffing, shipment of product).

      - The supplier who still holds his products cannot claim the frozen funds on the escrow account issued by the buyer;

      - Once the funds are issued by the buyer on the escrow account, the refund is possible according conditions mentioned in TRADE ASSURANCE contract.

      - Any partial refund of the “charges of TRADE ASSURANCE” will be attached to a document that clearly mentions the breach of the contract by the user according to the terms agreed between the different parties in the TRADE ASSURANCE contract. And the actual amount to be reimbursed will be determined by DIGIAFRIK GROUP on the basis of the relevant evidence and according to the agreements and account fees to be charged.

      - The casual cases of reimbursing the funds issued on the escrow account is left at the discretion of beneficiaries of TRADE ASSURANCE.

      - After the customer contracts with the buyer / seller and subscribes to TRADE ASSURANCE service for "QUALITY REPORT AND CONFIRMATION OF STOCK AVAILABILITY"; the client acknowledges that the duties relating to the Boomingafrik TRADE ASSURANCE service are limited to the service subscribed. However, the "FULL TRADE ASSURANCE" service guarantees product monitoring until shipment to the port of departure (Confirmation of stock availability, quality and shipping report, pictures and monitoring of products to be shipped). Therefore the return policy (From shipment of the products to the port of departure to their destination) of product and any other responsibility related to the product and the commercial documents related to exportation/importation are with the provider’s loads and falls under the contractual relations between traders (buyer/seller)

      - Before any delivery of the products and if the buyer submits a complaint to DIGIAFRIK GROUP and uses the dispute resolution service provided by, the fund on the escrow account will be returned to the issuer on request and it will be notified to the parties.

      - The customer acknowledges that after DIGIAFRIK GROUP has provided a service or certificate validated by the beneficiary, "TRADE ASSURANCE" service terminates;

      - The provision of a 2nd service issued from a new request or an additional service requests a new quotation by DIGIAFRIK GROUP.

      - The customer acknowledges the right of DIGIAFRIK GROUP to apply the following on the relevant basis left to its sole discretion: the return to the beneficiary of the fund issued on his or a third party request, reimbursement of the partial or total amount of the frozen fund on the escrow account. The refund neither includes the additional charges of maintenance of the escrow account as mentioned above nor the charges related to the insurance contract agreements aiming at protecting parties’ interest.

      - TRADE ASSURANCE services stand for the seller’s reliability to assure the buyer of the existence of the products as mentioned in their purchase/sale contract and respecting the laws relating to exportation in force. The seller is the only responsible for the terms contracted to supply its products (terms of the purchase / sale contract) and neither Boomingafrik nor a third party is committed to provide services and certificates for its benefit whatever the reason.

      - TRADE ASSURANCE services stand also for the buyer’s reliability to assure the seller of the existence of the funds intended to the product purchase. By using the escrow account, the buyer issues the fund intended for the products purchase to DIGIAFRIK GROUP before any shipment of products by the supplier. Then, fairly, TRADE ASSURANCE will issue very shortly the fund to the provider; this aims at securing online transactions for the buyer and seller of The frozen fund will be determined in an agreement made by the buyer and between the seller and / or the buyer and DIGIAFRIK GROUP.

      - "The Product and Service Inspection Company" refers to as "third party. The Product and Service Inspection Company affiliated to TRADE ASSURANCE, operates for market safety, provides trade safety services in accordance with product inspection quality standards provided by laws in force.

    2.6 “Charges of TRADE ASSURANCE “ Insurance’s amount” means the cash value of the beforehand insurance service that boomingafrik can provide to the customer for and on behalf of the beneficiary and vice versa indicated by the TRADE ASSURANCE service quotation.

      - The insurance amount can be provided only for reference by the beneficiary to the third party and does not concern the deposit to be received by the seller (frozen fund) in accordance with the purchase / sale contract.

    2.7 "Working time" means any day that is not an official time off in Côte d’Ivoire.

CHAPTER.2 TRADE ASSURANCE traffic management

3. Article 3 TRADE ASSURANCE profile

  • 3.1 The volume of the transaction, the intervention site, the nature of the product or service and other data can form a basis for determining the insurance amount for "the customer". Determining the cost of the insurance for each TRANSACTION is left to the sole discretion of DIGIAFRIK GROUP DIGIAFRIK. Each user of the service can only obtain one amount of insurance for one service subscribed; any modification will be submitted to the scope of the boomingafrik service.
  • 3.2 The seller's profile may include, (but is not limited to trade register information, the duration of the cooperation with and its affiliates.
  • 3.3 Document of seller's transaction volume include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • a. Seller's export documents issued by every commercial, national and international services over the past year;
  • b. Seller's document on import and export over the past year as managed and provided by the seller himself.
  • 3.4 DIGIAFRIK GROUP may adjust relevant rules according to changes in industry and operational requirements and decide on the content and scope to be published.
  • 3.5 The use of's TRADE ASSURANCE service is conditioned by a deposit in advance on the DIGIAFRIK GROUP account or any other means indicated by the “TRADE ASSURANCE” cost service after contracting with TRADE ASSURANCE service

4. Article 4 :Display of the amount of insurance

The amount of insurance for each "buyer / seller" "beneficiary" "subscriber" customer will be updated in the event of a modification and will be mailed to the customer only (buyer / seller jointly / individually).

5. Article 5:Use of TRADE ASSURANCE funds

  • 5.1 The standing order of deposit for purchase / sale contracts between seller and buyer is made only through an escrow account opened by DIGIAFRIK GROUP as indicated by in the "TRADE ASSURANCE" contract.
  • 5.2 Once the customer deposits for the product relating to the purchase/sale contract covered by TRADE ASSURANCE, and DIGIAFRIK GROUP acknowledges the receipts of this deposit via DIGIAFRIK GROUP transaction system (cost of TRADE ASSURANCE contract, cost of the purchase/sale contract), the amount paid in relation to the terms of the purchase / sale contract will be immediately frozen on the escrow account and notified to the parties; in addition, the inspection services will be performed after the payment of TRADE ASSURANCE cost.
  • 5.3 Once the buyer issues the funds on the escrow account, Boomingafrik service notifies the seller of the availability of funds issued. The latter must very shortly process the purchase order as agreed in the sale/purchase contract by the both and according TRADE ASSURANCE contract
  • 5.4 The customer who want to discontinue the contract after payment of TRADE ASSURANCE costs agrees having read this policy and accepts to compensate the service, its partners and affiliated third parties for every mobilization intended to provide the insurance service.
  • 5.5 The customer agrees and accepts that:
    • - The seller must fulfil the requirements for TRADE ASSURANCE services;
    • - the parties agree to allow and facilitate the inspection by the Inspection Company (or other technical affiliates) of the product / service ordered by the customer under the terms of purchase;
    • - The monitoring of the order by until the shipment according to the TRADE ASSURANCE conditions does not imply Boomingafrik to any product return policy; Boomingafrik competence is limited to the provision or return of frozen funds
    • - The TRADE ASSURANCE contract is concluded out of the site www.boomingafrik; com and the location of the products.
    • - DIGIAFRIK GROUP has the right and an exclusive discretion in determining the accurate conditions required to provide its service.

      5.6 The issuance of the frozen funds: frozen funds for a purchase / sale contract will be issued in one of the following events:

        - The purchase / sale contract has been fully and successfully executed (the product is shipped after validation of the reports and certificate by the parties) - Any dispute related to the purchase / sale contract has been fully settled; - The buyer decides at his sole discretion to be refunded; - And in the eventual cases of the same kind

      * The clients must both agree on the use of the frozen fund in the event of the trade insurance contract being jointly concluded.

      6. Article 6: Suspension and termination of TRADE ASSURANCE service

      * TRADE ASSURANCE service terminates in the following occurrences:

      • 6.1 The seller no longer fulfil the relevant conditions for TRADE ASSURANCE services
      • 6.2 The seller does not use the services of DIGIAFRIK GROUP as required in accordance with the rules enacted on the platform;
      • 6.3 The charges of TRADE ASSURANCE (as indicated in TRADE ASSURANCE quotation) has not been issued on the account designated by DIGIAFRIK GROUP;
      • 6.4 The seller and / or the buyer is sued for cybercrime, contraband etc ...
      • 6.5 The seller/buyer infringed the agreements related to TRADE ASSURANCE services and / or the current rules, and DIGIAFRIK GROUP decides to terminate the seller's contract;

      CHAPTER.3 Operation of insurance services

      7. Article 7 : Steps and deadlines

      • 7.1 First step: the customer submits an insurance request (form on the website ; Both buyer and seller can contract with TRADE ASSURANCE service ; If the buyer subscribes, the seller will confirm his participation in this contract and vice versa; in the case of a mutual subscription, this must be notified and the conditions of engagement must be determined by the parties;
      • 7.2 Second step: The customer according to the method stipulated in TRADE ASSURANCE contract pays before the mobilization of TRADE ASSURANCE service in a single deposit for the service subscribed.
      • 7.3 Third step: the buyer will acknowledge the receipt of the report of the service provided on the ground, the seller will confirm the issuance of the funds from the escrow account;
      • The occurrence of a second opinion engage authors. The termination of the agreements with boomingafrik TRADE ASSURANCE remains valid until deadlines unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
      • 7.4 Fourth step: shipping of products by the seller to the buyer entitles " TRADE ASSURANCE " service to transfer frozen funds to the seller.

      The full TRADE ASSURANCE service ends with the shipment of the products by the seller at the port of departure. Any transaction of the fund relating to sale / purchase contract on the escrow account concerning the parties will be notified to them by the service.

      The customer acknowledges that TRADE ASSURANCE contract terminates with the shipment of the products at the port of departure or with the certificate of the existence of the products supplied for beneficiary according to the terms of the TRADE ASSURANCE contract.

      The seller will make all arrangements to supervise the monitoring of the products of the purchase / sale contract covered by TRADE ASSURANCE service. The beneficiary will be mailed a report about the results of the technical operation according to TRADE ASSURANCE contract.

      The "timeframe":

      The time frame of TRADE ASSURANCE contract goes from the conclusion of the contract until shipment at the port of departure; unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the “timeframe " is defined according to the term of Trade Assurance transaction system. In the event of an error of the terms indicated in the TRADE ASSURANCE transaction system, the actual timeframe will be checked and confirmed by the documents provided. According some transaction parameters, the customer can extend the timeframe. It depends on the seller and the availability of the services to be provided. If the transaction system of allows it, the seller can extend the scheduled timeframe of inspection of products.

      8. Article 8: Request for dispute settlement:

      After TRADE ASSURANCE contract comes into effect (deposit of the TRADE ASSURANCE cost), the party who complained related to the contract can use the dispute settlement services provided by The request must be submitted by the complainant's valid account to in accordance with the website instructions once this party has logged in to A valid account usually refers to the buyer's or seller's email included in TRADE ASSURANCE purchase contract during editing, or the regular and efficient account used by the buyer or seller on when the user contracted with the TRADE ASSURANCE service (deposit of the cost of TRADE ASSURANCE).

      The identity of the issuer of TRADE ASSURANCE cost is designated by the parties in TRADE ASSURANCE contract; the parties accept and agree to maintain the account numbers (mainly the numbers provided by DIGIAFRIK GROUP) accurately, and must not use it contrary to the objectives without authorization or disclose these account details incorrectly. Any dispute, loss caused by the use of this account and request for re-billing or for any other reason must be settled or processed between the customer and the service, and both buyer and seller agree to do all efforts to protect Boomingafrik and / or its affiliates from any harm effects or losses.

      CHAPTER.4 Settlement of disputes in relation to TRADE ASSURANCE services

      9. Article 9 Complaints and settlement

          9.1 Complaints
        • - In case of dispute during the execution of TRADE ASSURANCE contract, the subscriber can complain through the TRADE ASSURANCE transaction system (the “System”), and the other party concerned can complain through the dispute resolution service (the case where it is the seller who subscribes).
        • - The complaining party is referred to as "complainant" and the other party as "defendant".
        • - The complainant must indicate the reasons and grounds of the dispute and provide sufficient supporting documents before the deadline indicated on the System.
        • - The complainant and the defendant must first try to resolve the dispute. If during the dispute resolution the parties reach a settlement, then will settle the dispute.
        9.2 Withdrawal of complaint
        • The complainant can withdraw his complaint before process the complaint.
        • The defendant must not engage in any fraudulent act to compel the defendant to withdraw his complaint.
        9.3 Complaint period
          The complaint period for handling claims must be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the TRADE ASSURANCE contract.
        9.4 Notice.
          Once receives the request for a dispute settlement, it will mail it to the defendant of the complaint.
        9.5 Counter-opinion

          After being notified by, the defendant will submit a counter-opinion against the complaint and provide valid supporting evidence in accordance with the relevant provisions of the transaction relating to dispute determination rules.

          If the defendant does not submit a counter-opinion in the time frame or does not provide sufficient evidence to support his counter-opinion, will process the dispute with the existing evidence available.

        9.6 Supporting documents

          The data and information recorded in the transaction systems of and its associated structures, will stand for the main legal evidence and database for the determination of any dispute. Other information and records should only be used as additional information depending on their pertinence. This data will only be kept in accordance with the laws in force in Côte d'Ivoire and according to the need for the service.

          The buyer and the seller must ensure that the supporting evidences provided are true, complete, valid and legal. does not guarantee the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of supporting evidence submitted by parties. Boomingafrik is therefore not responsible for any false, misleading or fraudulent information.

      10. Article 10 Disputes Settlement

      • 10.1 The use of Boomingafrik dispute settlement service means that the complainant acknowledge the equity of Boomingafrik in taking decision (decision often referred to as a "determination liability”, “dispute resolution decisions” or “mediation”). This "Decision" on any dispute is mainly related to TRADE ASSURANCE contract. Buyer and Seller accept and agree that will not be responsible for any imperfect, faulty, improper decision regarding compensation, settlement of complaint, payment and disposal, etc., as it is not a professional judicial authority.
      • 10.2 DIGIAFRIK GROUP will mediate between the buyer and the seller and will determine liability in the event of a dispute in accordance with the specific cases; if the buyer or seller breaks the rules during the transaction, the buyer or seller will be punished in accordance with non-compliance sanction rules relating to user.

      11. Article 11 Disclaimers

      Customer agrees and accepts that he will not be refunded or compensated from the service in the following events:

      • 11.1 The products or trade activities relating to the purchase / sale contract transaction do not comply with applicable, national and international laws, regulations, policies, rules, and agreements of;
      • 11.2 The customer is liable as determined by dispute resolution service, and the buyer and seller reaches a settlement plan and the seller refunds or the buyer has withdrawn;
      • 11.3 The buyer and seller conspired in bad faith;
      • 11.4 The customer can no longer operate his account with or his identity can no longer be verified;
      • 11.5 The customer provides false information or the information provided by the purchaser cannot be verified; etc.…

      12. Article 12 Termination of the purchase contract

      DIGIAFRIK GROUP has the right to immediately terminate the contract and take all relevant enforcement measures against the party who infringed the agreement of TRADE ASSURANCE contract in the following cases:

      • 12.1 DIGIAFRIK GROUP has accepted and made a determination of liability on a request for the settlement of a dispute and has decided to immediately terminate the contract;
      • 12.2 DIGIAFRIK GROUP has reason to believe that the buyer and the seller conspired in bad faith; or the account has been hacked;
      • 12.3 The buyer, seller or performance of the insurance contract infringes any relevant laws, regulations, policies, rules or orders of any competent authority;
      • 12.4 The account of one of the parties with is terminated whatever the reason, or the insurance contract cannot be executed due to penalties imposed;
      • 12.5 One of the Parties or the purchase / sale contract itself infringe the service rules or DIGIAFRIK GROUP website policies or rules.
      • 12.6 The seller does not provide the products before the deadlines and no certificate has been issued to the buyer.
      • 12.7 The funds available are insufficient or do not meet the conditions of TRADE ASSURANCE

      CHAPTER.5 Chapter 5 Penalty Rules

      13. Article 13 Prohibited acts

      In the event of the following occurrences, the offending party would be liable to penalties in accordance with the current regulations:

      • 13.1 After the notification of the buyer to enter into a purchase contract, the seller refuses to subscribe to TRADE ASSURANCE contract without valid reason;
      • 13.2 The buyer does not issue the amount to DIGIAFRIK GROUP and / or to the seller on the designated "escrow account" within the time period specified in the TRADE ASSURANCE contract;
      • 13.3 Giving negative comments or making complaints against the other party in bad faith, or using such means to blackmail the other party;
      • 13.4 The buyer has not paid amount agreed in TRADE ASSURANCE contract to the seller in accordance with the terms of the purchase / sale contract without valid reason;
      • 13.5 Provide false documents, information or supporting documents;
      • 13.6 Both buyer and seller conspire in a malicious manner or engage in any other dishonest behaviour.
      • 13.7 The amount of the trade assurance contract has not been issued to the designated bank account due to the customer;
      • 13.8 The seller does not use the services of Trade Assurance as required by the rules of or the rules of Trade Assurance;
      • 13.9 Buyer and Seller have infringe the Purchase / Sale Agreement or these Rules.

      14. Article 14 Penalties for infringement

      • 14.1 DIGIAFRIK GROUP will take the relevant enforcement action against the guilty party depending on the extent of the breach. If the violating party has more than one account with, DIGIAFRIK GROUP will have the right to take the same enforcement action against all these accounts.
      • 14.2 2. If the seller violates article 14.1 of these rules, DIGIAFRIK GROUP has the right to take the following enforcement measures against the seller:
        • - A first infringement stands for a warning
        • - Two or more infringements result in termination of the seller's TRADE ASSURANCE services and the seller prohibition to re-apply for these services for one (1) month from the date of such termination
        • - Any act of violation will remain recorded for an indefinite period in anticipation of any eventuality to the benefit of the user;
        • - The seller will not be able to ask for TRADE ASSURANCE services over a period of time after discontinuance of services on purpose or due to circumstances under Article 6.2.
      • 14.3 Each act of violation will be recorded when DIGIAFRIK GROUP will process the dispute. If the same Buyer repeatedly complained many times against the same seller for the same violation of a Purchase Agreement, all such complaints will be counted as one.
      • 14.4 If the Buyer violates any of Articles 13.3, 13.4, 13.5 or 13.6, the Buyer's account with will be terminated.
      • 14.5 Users agree that when TRADE ASSURANCE contract is cancelled and other boomingafrik service contracts are in effect, then:
        • - If the deposit is made and DIGIAFRIK GROUP has decides that such a payment cannot be refunded, the user must continue to perform the current Contract;
        • - If the products are already inspected, the buyer and the seller decide to continue to perform the purchase contract or not, in which case the breach of the trade assurance contract immediately implies the return of the agents by the '' trade service insurance '' and no refund will be possible of the cost of the trade assurance contract.
      • 14.6 If the seller violates article 14.7 or 14.8 of these rules, DIGIAFRIK GROUP has the right to make the seller ineligible from TRADE SERVICE services and from the site;
      • 14.7 If the seller's account has been terminated due to a penalty, the seller will not be able to re-apply for these services for one (1) month from the date of such termination.

      CHAPTER 7 Chapter 6 Miscellaneous

      15. Article 15 various rules

      • 15.1 DIGIAFRIK GROUP has the right to modify, revise and publish on these rules from time to time based on the actual performance of the commercial insurance services and the modified and revised rules will take effect on an indicated date or on the date of posting
      • 15.2 If a party disagrees with these rules, that party must stop using the TRADE ASSURANCE services and immediately notify the other party and DIGIAFRIK Group. By performing the contract or using TRADE ASSURANCE services, that party will be deemed to have accepted and agreed these rules.
      • 15.3 In the event of inconsistency between the French and English versions of these rules, the French version will prevail.
      • 15.4 These rules stand for the law in force in the state of Côte d'Ivoire.
      • 15.5 The invalidity of one of these rules does not invalidate all of the texts, the rule will just be deemed non-existent.
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