We ask you to read carefully the general conditions of use (GCU) which apply to the site and describe the conditions in which they are provided to you. Access to the site, services, offers of application in particular via mobile devices / tablets or any other future support (boomingafrik services)

When you agree to comply with these GCU using the site. 

You agree to comply with these GCU by clicking on the “I have read and I agree with the general conditions of use of BOOMINGAFRIK“. BOOMINGAFRIK has the right to delete a user’s profile, in the event of violation of the GCU except the user who complies with them in a deadline of 3 days after the formal notice sent to him by the service

BOOMINGAFRIK may revise or modify the current GCU. A notice of any revision or modification will be notified to you. This may be by various means, depending on the notifications offered by the website:; or on the home page. This notice will be effective on the date indicated in the posting.


Interpretation of Terms: The terms “you” and “user” refer to the final user using the website. The term “service providers” refers to third parties who provides service or product. The personal pronoun “we” refers to the (company, boomingafrik service), its franchisors, its affiliates and its partners. The term “website” refers to Being plural or singular the term “CGU” does not undergo any meaning changes. In every context, pronouns concern both feminine and masculine. The terms “in particular“, “understand” and “including” are followed by the expression “not limited to the following“. Unless the context indicates the contrary, the terms “current”, “hereby”, “hereinafter” and terms with similar meanings refer to the General Conditions as a whole.

Independence of clauses: If a provision of the GCU is deemed invalid or inapplicable in whole or in part, this invalidity or inapplicability only apply to this provision or part of this provision. The other provisions of these GCU remain valid.

Use of the website: When registering on the website, you become a password and account name. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account name and password, and are fully responsible for all activities related to your account. Therefore you agree to:

  • Immediately notify BOOMINGAFRIK of any fraudulent use of your account or any other breach of its security;
  • Ensure that you sign out of your account at the end of each session;
  • Use the site only to display and download data that go along with the aims of the site. For instance, you agree not to:
    • Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or violate the individual rights of other users or third parties; 
    • Post, display, download, distribute or disseminate any subject, vulgar, defamatory, obscene, indecent or illegal material, name, material or personal information;
    • Download files that contain software or other elements protected by intellectual property rights;
  • Do not download or distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other software or similar program that may damage the operation of the site; – Do not conduct surveys or, ultimately, contests, programs displayed “snowball”;
  • Do not download a file published by another user of a service that you are aware of;
  • Do not falsify or remove any copyright notices, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels regarding the origin or source of any product contained in any file that is downloaded.
  • Do not transgress the applicable laws or regulations to Côte d’Ivoire;
  • Do not infringe the terms of the current GCU or any other terms related to the conditions of operation of the site. You agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, notice, display, reproduce, publish, authorize, create derivative works, transfer or sell any information or software obtained from the site.
  • Do neither copy any content for commercial or non-commercial purposes, nor modify any data and information entered on the website.

Using the site you agree not to:

  • Post information or content or a list of articles in an inappropriate category or section of the site;
  • Post information which is (in our discretion) false, fraudulent, inaccurate, deceptive, misleading, defamatory, slanderous, illegal or which could be viewed as harassment;
  • Post comments, questions or answers that are not essentially real or including – but not limited to – racist and blasphemous comments, abuse of another user, disrespect of the culture of others or make inappropriate comments.
  • Offer to sale fictitious, counterfeit, stolen and prohibited articles in Côte d’Ivoire;
  • Post information or articles that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party, or any other property or personal rights;
  • Post information with obscene content, including – but not limited to the following- pornography or other representations that may (in our discretion) be view as indecent;
  • Post information or content or articles that may (at our discretion) be deemed inconsistent with applicable laws, standards, morals, ethics and customs; SEE PRODUCT LIST POLICY

Boomingafrik offers the possibility of securing your transactions by the subscription of   the insurance offered by the services of the Boomingafrik insurance policy. (TRADE ASSURANCE). Therefore, Boomingafrik disclaims any inconvenience resulting from a trade outside its insurance policy even if the user produced elements justifying his identity or proving the reliability of his articles;

  • To deliver the items that you have already sold according the terms mentioned above unless it respects the terms agreed between third parties and you; or you have an option to consult the related documents in order to guarantee the transaction;
  • Try to complete a transaction related to an offer on the site (including cancelling an offer to sell on the site ) outside of the site;
  • Use the contacts you acquired by buying or selling on the site to solicit (including by email or by any other means ) sales on other items sold directly and / or from another website ;
  • Claim that a service has not been operational when BOOMINGAFRIK, in its discretion, considers such a service to be adequate in accordance with the GCU and the site policies

In the case of a successful purchase or placement on the site about an offer for a product indicated as “non-exportable”, you acknowledge that you are acting in violation of the applicable laws and regulations in this area and you acknowledge that the product is not exportable / importable outside / inside the country;

  • Manipulate or attempt to manipulate the site in any way, including the prices of items or services appearing on the site (either alone or with the complicity of other users);
  • Bypass or manipulate our pricing structure or the charges accruing to BOOMINGAFRIK;
  • Take any action that may modify the feedback or rating systems of the site (including -but not limited to the following -: displaying, importing or exporting feedbacks off the site or using that information for purposes other than those intended by BOOMINGAFRIK);
  • Transfer your site account (including feedback) and your username to a third party without our consent;
  • Distribute or post spam, unsolicited electronic communications, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;
  • Distributor of viruses, “Trojans”, “worms”, schedule-triggered viruses, “cancel bolts”, “Easter Eggs”, or any other computer programming technology that may harm the site, interests or ownership of site users;
  • Engage our responsibility or cause us losses (total or partial) on the services of our Internet service providers or other providers;
  • Put any wrongdoing that will impose or may impose (in our discretion) unreasonable or disproportionate loads on our service;
  • Interfere or attempt to interfere in the administration of the site;
  • Takeover or attempt to take over another user’s account or carry out any hacking or “phishing” of the site or user accounts and other attempts of the same features;
  • Export or re-export any tools and products related to the site except those in accordance with the export control laws of any appropriate jurisdiction;
  • Copy, modify or distribute the content from another site or infringe the copyrights and trademarks of the site;
  • Violate through the use of our site any laws, rules, regulations, directives, rights of a third party or of our policies;
  • Abuse of BOOMINGAFRIK’s navigation policy, of the lists policy, any other agreement of BOOMINGAFRIK or of the current GCU
  • Directly or indirectly offer, attempt to offer, negotiate, or include descriptions or links relating to the following:
    • Securities, including stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments or assets of any kind;
    • Living or dead creatures and / or all or part of an animal that has been preserved artificially or naturally including skins, animal specimens, horns, hair, feathers, nails, teeth, musk, eggs, nests, other animal products whose sale or purchase is prohibited or restricted by applicable laws;
    • Weapons of any kind;
    • Alcohols, tobacco products, drugs, psychotropic substances, narcotics, intoxicants of any kind, drugs, palliative / curative substances;
    • Religious articles, including books, artefacts, etc. or any other badge likely to affect religious feelings; antiques, any piece of art as defined by applicable laws and national treasures;
    • SIM cards used, unless the transaction is permitted by owner of this item;
    • Items that you do not know the defect, whether they are fake, damaged, defective, or misleading items and whose normal use is likely to harm other users of the site or their health ;
    • Fresh food;
    • Registered vouchers;
    • Chemicals

You declare and acknowledge that:

  • You are legally able to contract;
  • You will inform of any posting of articles or of all transactions that violate the GCU; HOW TO CONTACT USE
  • You comply with local and international laws and regulations relating to how you use the site.
  • The information you provide on the site relating to the items you would sell is as precise as possible;
  • The contact and reference disclosure suit the business purpose of the site; The Company is not responsible for the disclosure of your contact details and personal data as well as products including -but not limited to-, telephone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses.
  • You will not use the contact information provided to you in connection with a transaction on the site to solicit sales off the site or through another site;
  • You will not collect information about other users, including – but not limited to – email addresses or other detail contact when you will have access to it as part of a targeted transaction for which you have had express consent.
  • You will not disclose personal data about users, access or use information about other users, which could constitute an infringement of privacy and laws that protects her.

Responsibility of the user:

Users are the only responsible for all content of their account on the website. BOOMINGAFRIK does not check, endorse or vouch for User Content or any content displayed by him on the Website. Any misuse, of course, previously submitted to the analysis of the boomingafrik service, may result in penalties for users unless they justify standing. Users are legally responsible for their content, in particular, defamatory, illegal or protected by intellectual property rights. If you are the victim of abuse or witness a violation of these GCU, please report it to Customer Service. We will implement all means at our disposal to put an end to any breach notified to Customer Service at the address CONTACT US

Accuracy of personal data transmitted by the user:

You agree to provide accurate contact details about you to access the services of the website regarding the protection by the legislation in force in the Ivory Coast and in particular Law No. 2013 -450 of June 19, 2013 and relating to the protection of personal data and technically by https: // sect igo.tbs-certificates .com / on the website

By accepting the GCU, you confirm notably that you are a natural person to be at least 18 years old, an emancipated minor and have accessed the site as the legal representative of a seller or buyer, legal person, seller, buyer legally constituted in accordance with the code of law in force and you are listed and can be identified by any legal means. In accordance with our policy, this site is a B2B platform dedicated to companies. PRIVACY POLICY

You acknowledge being aware that we make every effort to verify the accuracy and veracity of the information provided by users of the website – this verification remains limited to the techniques described on the Internet –

If you want to use the services of the website as a professional entity, you acknowledge that you have the authority and legal power to bind such standing. If you carry out your activity as a professional on the site, you must also comply with applicable laws relating to e-commerce and consumer protection.

You certify that you are the owner of the content you submit to us and that this content does not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of third party. You also certify that to the best of your awareness, no action, prosecution, proceeding, or investigation has been taken or threatened to be taken against you to offer content that you submit, in particular when it comes to a brand or trade name.

User data recovery:

Data protection of your privacy is of a paramount for us. We send information necessary for the proper use of the website.

You can visit and navigate certain pages of BOOMINGAFRIK without providing any personal information.

The information we collect is useful, in particular for the subscription to a service, its payment and its insurance. We collect, store and process your data strictly for the purpose of the proper use of the website and in compliance with Law No. 2013-450 dated June 19, 2013 relating to the protection of personal data. We may collect information on the registration form such as your name, gender, email address, postal address, delivery address for return service (if different), mobile phone number, payment details, card bank or bank details.

By submitting your data to BOOMINGAFRIK, you agree to their use according the GCU, the Privacy policy and the sale’s policy.

We store and process your information on servers protected by technological and human security devices. We ask third parties to verify and certify our principles of confidentiality. We can transmit your details to a third party in order to ensure the effectiveness of the service purchased. We may also use your data to detect possible abuse or fraud, send you information about the website or our services for opinions and market research. Your data is then anonymous and will only be used for statistical purposes.

We do not share any of your personal information without your explicit consent. Likewise, we do not sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your consent. If you would prefer not to receive any other additional information in this paragraph (or any part of it) click please on the “unsubscribe” link in any Email we send to you.


The personal information transmitted by the user is protected in accordance with the applicable laws. In addition, we implemented technical security measures required to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access to your information. The collection of personal data through the website occurs on a secure server. We use firewalls on our servers. It is strongly recommended that you do not send all credit or debit card details in unencrypted electronic communications. We would also remind you that you are responsible for protection against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. Https: //; however the aspect of the service subscribed by the user might not be exactly in line with his expectations. In particular, changes of certain aspects of our services such as the functions or effectiveness of its services may be necessary. BOOMINGAFRIK warns you of any changes that you can refuse. In this case, you unsubscribe from the service if you had subscribed and you will be reimbursed for the deductions made from the duration of consumption and the costs and commissions incurred.

  1. Unless it is otherwise specified, BOOMINGAFRIK owns, without limitation, all intellectual property rights on the content of the website, such as source code, databases, texts, images etc. You acknowledge that you must not and cannot use, reproduce or distribute any content on the website owned (by the company) without its permission.
  2. You are the only responsible for any content you provide or download from the website.

Links with third parties:

The website may contain links to other sites (hereinafter referred to as “linked sites” and the “logo link”). However, “linked sites” and “link logos” are not under the control of BOOMINGAFRIK and we are in no way responsible for their content, changes or updates on these sites. BOOMINGAFRIK is not responsible for any form of solicitation by the linked site. BOOMINGAFRIK provides these links for your convenience only

  1. BOOMINGAFRIK may suspend or terminate your account or any part of it if it considers that you have not complied with any of these GCU and you have failed to comply with these conditions in a period of 5 days after a formal notice sent by BOOMINGAFRIK and remained unsuccessful.
  2. You have the option of terminating your BOOMINGAFRIK account. You must then notify the site by email to the following address:

If you or BOOMINGAFRIK terminate your account, the site may remove any content or material relating to your use of the site.

Responsibility of BOOMINGAFRIK:

The service has made every effort to ensure that all information on the website is correct, but our services do not guarantee the quality, origin, legality, accuracy or completeness of the data, information, products except for our own services. In any case, BOOMINGAFRIK cannot be held responsible of

  1. Direct, indirect, consequential or resulting damages from the use or inability to use the website and our services;
  2. Alteration of data transmissions applicable law: These GCU are governed by Ivorian law

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